15 shot 4 dead in Mass shooting during Madden tournament at The Landing in Jacksonville, Fl

Fifteen people have been shot and four have been pronounced dead in a mass shooting during a Madden Game Tournament on Sunday.

The football gaming competition was held in a Chicago Pizza at The Landing in Jacksonville, Fl.

At this time The Landing has been evacuated. Authorities are unsure of whether or not the perpetrator worked alone.

Victims have been transported to nearby hospitals.

Video of the moment when the shooting took place can be seen here:

EA Sports, the maker of the Madden NFL video game, confirmed that she shooting took place at a sanctioned Madden competition.

The shooter was said to be a participant in the tournament. He allegedly began shooting when he lost the game, then turned the gun on himself.

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  1. Anthony Sublett 3 months ago

    Totally ridiculous, now you have to be strapped where ever you go and even that won’t be enough, you still can get popped. We are sitting ducks!!!!

  2. steven 3 months ago

    My boss texted me to ask if I’m okay. I live 20 miles away, I’m fine. But now I’m on some kind of phone chain where I’m getting texts from the whole state of Florida reporting they’re okay. I feel bad for anyone who was hurt but technology is trying to do too much sometimes.

  3. Patrick Hinnant 3 months ago

    Very unfortunate occurrence. Offering my condolences to anyone affected in this tragedy.

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