Of all the places i’ve gone in South Africa the Yswara tea lounge has to be the most chic, laid back, and elegant place of all time. I was having a stroll in Maboneng when I decided to stop by this clandestine garden area. Who would have known? In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of Maboneng there would be such a trendy sanctuary? Not only can you buy tea, you can hang out and enjoy tea time with friends in a cozy sun room. So Delightful!


The sun was shining way too bright so I went looking for shade. 
I found this clandestine garden and lounge area… I did not KNOW what I was about to discover. 
Yswara was the perfect hideout. I made a few phone calls and cooled off. 
The tea and candle selection at Yswara was so amaxing. I couldn’t help but to smell some of the tea bags they had. The whole place smelled so soothing. 

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