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Will Canada’s boycott on American goods be successful?

The world is watching like innocent bystanders while two neighbors argue over a fence.

Since Donald Trump insulted and verbally attacked the Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau) of Canada, the next-door-neighbors to the U.S. have been urged to boycott purchases on American goods and travel. This leaves people wondering, “how will this political pissing match play out?” Will Canada really be able to abstain from indulging in all the goods America has to offer?

This tension has risen from a trade dispute in which Trump criticized Trudeau for threatening retaliation against him due to steel and aluminum tariffs imposed by the U.S.   Trump also pulled out of the G7 Communiqué.

So far, there has been a decline on sales of Trump products. Also, the business is declining at his hotels and golf clubs. There is an online list conglomerated by the “Grab Your Wallet” campaign.  The list is comprised of companies which pertain to Donald Trump.  This is a personal attack on the president his personal finances and anyone who has funded him in the past.

The loyal Canadians are working to retaliate on American businesses from the inside out. Even with the resources available, how long will the Canadian general public refrain from sources of entertainment and foods brought to them by none other than the U.S.A. Only time will tell if this is a public hissy-fit or if there is a chance for compromise.



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