3 reasons why Trump will take 2020…no matter who runs against him

For two years now, the media has sold liberals pipe dreams about some sort of Donald Trump impeachment. Even today’s newest headline reads: “Mueller investigation has gotten closer to Trump”.  Many democrats and far- leftists get a thrill out of thinking Donald Trump might get canned. Through all the controversy, rumors, and federal cases President Donald Trump maintains his position in the White House.  The reality is he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. He’s gonna take 2020 too!

Inquiring minds would like to know, “how?”

The answer is simple: What you see is what you get with Donald Trump. America doesn’t have to trust him. We KNOW him. America has grown with the Trump brand for several decades. The good, the bad, the ugly is all out on the table. While familiarity between President Trump and the American people has bred some contempt and a sense of dysfunction, it’s all refreshing in a f*ed up way.

The 2020 Presidential race is right around the corner. It’s most likely the standing President Donald Trump will be the frontrunner for the Republican party. Its unclear who will run against him. It doesn’t matter anyway. Here are 3 reasons Donald Trump will more than likely win in 2020… no matter who runs against him.

    1. His Closet Supporters in all the right places: even if YOU don’t like President Trump a lot of people secretly do. They just happen to be located in all the right places on the map. The electoral college had his back in 2016, and rest assured they will be at the polls in 2020.  So much of what he does is controversial and borderline bigoted, it’s offensive to repeat what he says. A couple of people have been fired from their jobs for going on Trump-ish rants. More sensible Trump supporters are usually closet supporters. They just silently vote for him because of his tax policies and shake their heads at the things he says.
    2. Familiarity: Like him or not, Trump isn’t just another random presidential candidate who came out the blue 2 years before presidential elections and did the traditional campaign trail.  Trump is name is a household name with a tacky sense of grandeur. He’s who the 90’s rappers wanted to be, he’s who the New-York hustlers aspired to live like, and even the most conservative men lived vicariously through him.  Before he decided to take on America, Trump has built a global brand for himself and his family. America is familiar with Donald Trump. We know who he is, the good, bad, and ugly and that’s actually refreshing and secretly inspiring for a lot of American people.
    3. No other candidate has the juice like Trump. It’s true most people who support President Trump can’t name five things he’s done to their benefit. In fact, some of the policies he implements might not actually be for the people who voted for him. Even more, world leaders secretly get a thrill out of meeting U.S. President Donald Trump. He’s like the Tekashi6ix9ine of politicians. It’s as if Trump and his rich homies came and took over the WhiteHouse, he gets online and almost trolls the nuke out of Kim-Jong-Un, and they’ve been running the streets of DC ever since. And they don’t care about no FBI investigations. Straight Up! Gang Gang!

Despite all the controversy, chaos, and debauchery Donald Trump is here to stay for round two in the oval office.

If George W. Bush pulled it off, anyone can!


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  1. cartet 1 week ago

    America loves Trump.

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