Woman with fake degree withdraws from race for Florida Legislature

Photo Cred: US Daily Report Melissa Howard has withdrawn from the race as a Florida Legislature after being exposed for having a fake degree.

Melissa Howard, a Republican candidate for state Legislature has been under fire for lying about her completion of a college degree.
She announced Tuesday that she will be withdrawing from the race.

In a text to the Sarasota Tribune Howard stated, I have come to the realization that the right thing to do for my community is to withdraw from the race. I will do so today”…..”I made a terrible error in judgement,” Howard added, according to the newspaper. “I am thankful for everyone who gave so much toward my success, and I am deeply sorry.”

This is a complete turnaround from Howard’s resilient attitude earlier in the week when she said she would stay in the campaign and “lead by example from now on.”

Last week, Howard published a photo of herself with a fraudulent Miami University diploma as proof of having attained a degree when she was called out about lying about it. Ohio University confirmed in a statement Howard attended the school, but never graduated. Her forged diploma was inaccurate.

Howard posted an apology on her facebook page and admitted she didn’t graduate from Miami University.

While Howard has committed to withdrawing from the race on social media, it is technically impossible to remove her from the ballot at this time.

The August 24 Primary election is right arounf the corner. Mail ballots have been sent out almost a month ago. Howard was in the running to represent Manatee and Sarasota counties. Almost 20,000 votes have already been cast so far.

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  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 3 months ago

    Well she is great candidate for the job she had one of the prerequisites down pat, and that’s lying. She should have known someone would definitely check that like they always do, not so smart🤔

  2. Slohand 3 months ago

    Was it Miami or Ohio university?

  3. ANTHONY SUBLETT 3 months ago

    Miami University is in Oxford, Ohio

    • Slohand 3 months ago

      Okay, that makes sense. I was confused because the fourth paragraph, second sentence begins, ” Ohio University confirmed in a statement…”

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