Adding insult to injury: South African Police spokesman says reports of violence outside Beyoncé concert is “Twitter hype”

Vish Naidoo, the SAPS spokesperson claims the dramatic events after the Global Citizens Festival concert at the FNB stadium in Soweto are “not factual unless we get an affidavit to warrant investigation.”

This is his best defense for the negligence of the police to protect and serve their community early Monday morning as thugs robbed, rapped, stabbed, carjacked, and terrorized charitable concert-goers.

Immediately during and after the violent attacks, people used their social media to warn people, keep track of loved ones, and give their testimonies of what was transpiring at a nearby Sasol gas station, where patrons found themselves in life or death situations.

Naidoo claims the security was up to par during the event until the festival ended. So, he subconsciously admits a turn of events did occur. He simply refuses to take responsibility for the laziness of his police force.

The spokesman continued to explain to the public, “Reports have not been made to us officially. If those reports are made to us officially, it will allow us to investigate…They were supposed to remain there until 2am on Monday morning. Whoever is complaining they can send us an email we will investigate. If members did display a gross dereliction of duty, we will make sure that we take the necessary action against them. We cannot go by what is posted on social media… the only time something is factual is if we get an affidavit to warrant an investigation.”

Yes, the only time something is “factual”, in comparison to thousands of coincidental Tweets, is in a police affidavit…. because people NEVER lie on those… EVER….

Anyway, South African Twitter is not here for the sorry excuses. The victims of this morning’s attack would still like to hold the police force accountable for their negligence.

The SAPS has one job. That is to enforce the law. Last night, thousands of South Africans were subjected to lawlessness. The police Chief, Naidoo, has added insult to injury with his dismissive, nonchalant approach to investigating the issue or solving the underlying problem.

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