Amber Guyger indicted on murder charges after she shot a man in his own apartment

Amber Guyger forced her was into Botham Jean's apartment then shot him. She claims she thought he was in her own apartment.

The police officer who pissed America off when she forced her way into a man’s apartment and then killed him, has been indicted on murder charges Friday.

A little over two months have passed since the fatal day when she Guyger shot Botham Shem Jean to death at a Dallas apartment complex where both of them lived.

Days after the incident, after the public expressed outrage, Guyger Texas rangers arrested her and charged the cop with manslaughter.

After the case was presented in court and the law was brought into examination, Guygers charges have escalated to murder. Prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to prove Amber Guyger DELIBERATELY, “intentionally and knowingly” committed a crime. They say this was no “accident” and they will move forward with holding Guyger accountable for murder.

Faith Johnson, a Dallas County DA told CNN, “At the moment of the shooting it was a knowing … offense.”

Guyger’s attourney, Robert Rogers, responded to this news with an assertion that this was “a terrible tragedy that resulted from a true mistake.” He expressed confidence in a jury who can be convinced that Guyger not guilty.

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