Antibiotic industry in crisis as low supply causes problems

Antibiotic Crisis (screen shot: Reuters)

The Access to Medicine foundation is in the middle of a crisis in the anitbiotics marker as drug suppliers collapse.

There are shortages of anti-infectands such as piperacillin-tazobactam which is administered through IV in the intensive care unties. This product and many others in its class have been in low supply and even higher demand since an explosion at a Chinese pharmaceutical lab in 2016.

The shortages in antibiotics  are also attributed to the fact that there has been consolidation among companies that manufacture generic drugs. This is reducing the amount of suppliers making individual product lines.

Benzathine penicillin is also running short in over 39 countries. This drug is used to prevent mothers from giving their children syphilis during pregnancy. The highly demanded medication is also used to fight off symptoms of rheumatic heart disease.

Without access to proper medications patients will be subjected to lower quality medications. This increases the odds of antimicrobial resistance.


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