Australian cancer con-woman charged in for collecting £55,000 in donations

Lucy Wieland fakes ovarian cancer on Instagram and raised over £55,000 on GoFundMe

27 year-old- Lucy Wieland has earned her title as the Cancer con-woman. With a scheme one could only witness on the ID channel, she raised over £55,000 in donations by staging her fictitious battle with ovarian cancer.

She was arrested earlier in the week in Townsville, Queensland when a member of the public called the authorities on her. She has since been charged with fraud as she abused the trust of unsuspecting members of the public.

The Australian fraudster set up a GoFundMe account to compel people to donate to her medical costs.

Wieland went so far to post pictures of herself with an oxygen mask on and skull caps to hide her alleged balded head from chemo treatments. While authorities say it is “unclear” if her husband knew about the schemes, he can be seen in the staged photos with her. Inquiring minds would like to know what his thoughts were when he saw her staging her ailments, or if he was also convinced she was ill.

Her Insta-scam eventually caught up to her.

The cancer con-woman has been released on bail however she was forced to surrender her passport until her trial in December.

GoFundMe is being complicit with the investigation. They released a statement saying, “In this case, the campaign was reported to our team, the user was banned, and all donors will be refunded,” the statement added.


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  1. Anthony Sublett 3 weeks ago

    They need to throw her up under the jail. She is just messing things up for people who really need the help. And some people will look at this and say that’s why I don’t like to donate because of scammers like this. Great that Go Fund Me stepped up to get people back their money!!!!👍👍👍

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