Away with the Obama-era! Trump aims to withdraw guidelines on race in college

Tuesday Donal Trump is withdrawing “Obama-era” policies which opted for consideration of race in college admissions.

The guidelines set forth by Obama in 2011 and 2016 encouraged colleges to promote diversity through the consideration of race of applicants. This was implemented in lieu of several Supreme Court cases regarding affirmative action.

Trump’s administration claims that this rule has worked against some minority groups like Asians. Lawyers are currently investigating a case from 2015 in which Harvard University allegedly discriminated against Asians in its admissions procedure.

This motion by the Trump administration  once again highlights the controversy over affirmative action policies in America. The Supreme Court finds the Obama-era affirmative action policies constitutional as long as it doesn’t heavily impact white students and the emphasis on race during the admission process is restricted.

While race should not be the determining factor for whether a person is admitted into an
institution of higher education, many fear that without these policies in place, their opportunities will become more limited.



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  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 4 months ago

    T-Rump T-Rump wants to change anything Obama did😳

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