Beware: POOPY Mc Donald’s Salads!

Mc Donald’s is the latest American corporation dealign with food borne illnesses. Last week, the Kellogg’s brand, Honey Smacks, was dealing with a salmonella outbreak.

163 people in 10 different US states have contracted a cyclosporine parasite caused by fecal matter on the lettuce in Mc Donald’s salads. Three people have been hospitalized to date.

The Food and Drug Administration warns that most healthy people can recover from a Cyclospora infection without medical treatment, people with poor immune systems may face complications.

This outbreak is the direct result of a bad batch of poop-infested lettuce from Fresh Express, a Mc Donald’s supplier in Streamwood, Illinois.

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  2. ANTHONY SUBLETT 4 months ago

    In Streameood, IL that’s my neck of the woods. If they would allow their field workers proper bathroom facilities maybe they would stop pissing on the food!!!🤔

  3. steven 3 months ago

    Fecal matter is worse than pissing in the food.

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