Billionaire’s Row sues the city to thwart homeless shelter

Manhattan’s Billionaire’s Row residents files a lawsuit against Manhattan City Monday with the intent to thwart the opening of a homeless shelter in their neighborhood.

The angry residents claim the shelter is not up to safety standards and would be risky for not only the homeless but the residents in the up-scale Midtown neighborhood.

Claimants say, the homeless shelter, which is the old Park Savoy Hotel on at 158 W. 58th St., has ignored fire, crime, construction issues, and asbestos.

“Not only is the building unsafe, but crime and loitering” caused by the project will lead to “irreparable injuries that have been found to warrant emergency injunctive relief to block the opening of a homeless shelter,” the lawsuit said.

There have been no comments on the behalf of the people developing this homeless shelter.

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  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 4 months ago

    Here’s a comment how about those rich people giving a Damn about somebody beside themselves. You got money help them build a safe place for the homeless there and you can live in harmony!!! Oh I’m sorry you don’t want them nowhere near you that’s the point!!!😮

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