Rate this Rapper!!!: “DANIEL GOT HITS”

While lurking on Instagram, I saw the most interesting freestyle show ever. I would like you guys to take a moment to listen to “Daniel Got Hits” and rate this rapper!

In this video: my grading criteria for rappers….

Find out what I rated “Daniel Got Hits” & leave a comment with your rating of this rapper.

  1. steven 2 months ago

    1 Style. I’ll give some points for style even though it was a little goofy. The glasses were funny as a one time thing but I wouldn’t wear them again. Maybe give them to Elton John. At least they weren’t as bad as Diane’s.
    2 Flow, Talent, Rhyme. Sounded amateurish and lame but I’ll give some points for the bilingual and consider it was live.
    3 Violent enough. I don’t need it to be violent. Not a criteria for me.
    4 Drive, Is he hungry? Hard to tell. It seems like he may have just been goofing around. Can’t give any points for this.
    5 Is he on drugs? I don’t think so. Maybe a little tipsy. See if he sobers up and takes the video down, but either way not a druggie or violent type person. I don’t see a long rap career. Maybe he should switch to pop music.

  2. The Biased Show 2 months ago

    Daniel Got Hits my ass.. More like asperger’s disease just terrible.

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