#BoycottWalmart, the right cries over “Impeach 45” shirts

The far right is in a rage over T shirts sold on Wal-Mart’s website, which read, “Impeach 45.” Trump’s supporters raged on Twitter calling for people to work together an #BoycottWalmart.

The online protestors claim this is unpatriotic. They feel as though the major store chain should suffer financial repercussions for allowing the sale of these T-shirts.

Keep in mind, the types of people who voted for trump are not necessarily wealthy people looking for tax breaks. Most of them are average Americans.Some of which are uneducated, who work jobs with small wages.

With the exception of a few aristocrats the far right is flooded with poor, low-class bigots who have nowhere else to shop besides Wal-Mart. They simply have no choice. At least that’s what the rest of Twitter thinks.

One person went so far to remind everyone of the time when Wal-Mart also facilitated the T-shirts calling for the impeachment of Obama. No one protested then.

Very few people are taking this hashtag seriously. See some tweets making light of the right’s outcry below.






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