Buhari’s Democracy Day declaration ‘hypocritical’

Buhari's Democracy Day declaration 'hypocritical'

The opposition Democratic People’s Party (PDP) of Nigeria says that President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to change the date of the Day of Democracy holiday to June 12 “smacks of hypocrisy and political desperation” before the 2019 elections.

Buhari said he changed the date of May 29 in honor of the politician Moshood Abiola, whose victory in the presidential elections of June 12, 1993 was overturned by the military.

In a statement, the PDP said that Mr. Buhari had “served in the military administration of General Sani Abacha during the travails of Chief Abiola” and had failed, at the time, to “associate” with him.

The president’s decision to honor late chief Abiola was a signal of “political desperation” by a “failed” president who tried to influence voters before next year’s election, the PDP added.

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