Image from Cryptona.com: $80,000,000 Crypto investment scam BUSTED in South Africa.

According to a report from CCN.com South African authorities are investigating a company called Bitcaw Trading Company (BTC) for investment fraud.

The BTC global representatives made absurd promises of investment returns in the ballpark of: 50% interest per month, 14% per week and 2% per day. The Serious economic offenses unit in South Africa is investigating the scheme.

The collapse of what is an explicit Ponzi scam was followed by the usual: INVESTORS STOPPED RECEIVING PAYOUTS.

Bitcaw Trading Company was launched in September of 2017 by an individual named Stephen Twain. Some speculated it was a scam from the beginning however many vulnerable hopefuls fell pray to the classic cryptocurrency scam. Authorities are encouraging victims to come forward.


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