Can’t make this sh*t up!!! Man dies after wife shoots him during crack-fueled argument

A Fayette County, Georgia man has died after being shot by his wife in a dispute over breakfast oats in April of this year.

According to police, John Maki was shot inside a home in the 300 block of Imel Road in Saltlick Township, Fayette County on April 5.

Sources close to the investigation say Maki was not satisfied with the type of oats Rachel Eutsey allegedly bought and served him.

An argument escalated, which resulted in Eutsy shooting Maki in front of their 8-month-old baby.

Eutsey told police Maki began to assault and choke her. Eutsey says she then grabbed a revolver from her father’s bedroom and went back to the room where she and Maki would continue to argue.

Maki allegedly threw a baseball bat out of an open door and began to yell at Eutsey as he approached her in a hallway. Then she shot him.

Eutsy said she only meant to shoot a warning shot next but accidentally shot Maki in the head.

Her lawyer made a statement following the April shooting claiming “She related she didn’t want to hurt him; she just wanted to scare him.”

Eutsey called 911 to report the shooting and was taken into custody when officers arrived.

Authorities said The two were under the influence of crack at the time.

Maki was taken to a local hospital and was last listed in critical condition since April.

He died Friday, November 30.

The couple’s 8-month-old child was said to be filthy and  neglected. Needless to say, the child is with child protective services.

Eutsy was originally charged with attempted homicide. She will now face murder charges since Maki died as a result of this incident.

Can’t make this sh*t up.

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