Coincidence or murder cover-up? People connected to Kenneka Jenkins killed

Sadaria Davis, 15, was found after being missing for three weeks. She was dead and mutilated. According to social Media, she was friends with Kenneka Jenkins, who was found dead in a hotel freezer in October of 2017.

In the past week two people connected to Kenneka Jenkins have been killed and found dead and dismembered.

Kenneka Jenkins, a Chicago teen, was found dead in a hotel freezer in October of 2017. During a party at the  Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Kenneka “went missing.” Shortly after authorities started an investigation she was found dead in a Hotel Freezer. There is a disturbing video of the young lady disoriented and stumbling around the hotel. Surveillance footage has led to many conspiracy theories around how Jenkins ended up in the freezer, of an abandoned kitchen at the hotel.

Kenneka Jenkins’ death was ruled an accident. Are the brutal murders of people who had knowledge of the case coincidental or a cover-up?

Over the weekend the missing Chicago teen, Sadaria Davis, was found dismembered in an abandoned building about six blocks from where she lived. Authorities reported she had been missing since April 27, 2018. An autopsy performed on May 12 was inconclusive, pending further investigation, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.

According to social media posts, Davis was an alleged friend of Kennka Jenkins. Reports also claim Davis was found with her fingers amputated and organs missing. Authorities have neither confirmed nor denied this.

Zack Stoner was a famous YouTuber who took pride in his journalism. He interviewed rappers, entertainers, and other figures in Chicago news. Often times he would seek justice and try to end the hostility and violence in Chicago. He was brutally murdered May 30th, 2018. He was shot in the head and neck after leaving a night club in South Loop, Chicago.

zack stoner
Zack Stoner was a famed YouTuber. He interviewed several public figures in Chicago. He was dedicated to solving the Kenneka Jenkins case.

Stoner was personally invested in solving the case. He interviewed  Irene Roberts, a close friend of Jenkins’. He spent a lot of time personally investigating the case and people around it. During the interview Roberts expressed she thinks Jenkins’ friends had something to do with her death. She doesn’t think she was physically capable of opening the industrial- sized freezer to get inside it herself.

Videos can be seen of an anonymous woman warning Stoner to Stay away from the Kenneka Jenkins case. 

Some might say these subsequent deaths are a testament to Chicago’s violence issue. The Illinois city is ridden with lethally violent youth. It is a serious issue that has yet to be seriously addressed and remedied.

Even with increasing violence issues, is it all too coincidental that people connected to Kenneka Jenkins in some way, shape, or form have been decimated?

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