Controversial right-winger Alex Jones’ YouTube terminated and Facebook “unpublished”

Alex Jones has been removed from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify

The controversial right-winged conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, was in for a rude awakening Monday when his YouTube channel was terminated. For the past week several social media platforms have begun to remove his content. Facebook also suspended Jones’ account for 30 days.

The reason? Hate speech and misinformation.

Alex Jones has a history of striking nerves in liberals and the general population as a whole. He sometimes says things which would upset the typical American. Some of his most controversial suggestions were that 9/11 was an inside job by the US Government. Another one which struck nerves was claiming the Sandy Hook High shooting was all a hoax.

Jones is mostly known for his position on the “InfoWars” radio show and “The Alex Jones Show” podcast. All his social media and radio combined exposed him to 70 million people per month on average. He claims he is unsure how this massive censorship will affect his reach.

Tech companies such as Apple,  Twitter,  Facebook, YouTube and Spotify have been cracking down on his hatred aimed at Muslims, transgenders, and immigrants. According to protestors Jones’ content was “dehumanizing and incited violence towards them.” After violating community guidelines several times by their standards, the companies have decided to take a stand against Alex Jones.

Jones claims he was simply exploiting his free speech. People who have been victimized by his rhetoric beg to differ. There’s a thin line between free speech and hate speech. While many people may have a hard time identifying that line the stakes are high to figure it out before their voices are eventually silenced in the mainstream arena.

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  1. Andrew Finch 4 months ago

    We all know Alex Jones is a Die Hard Trump Supporter. That alone speek volumes.

  2. steven 4 months ago

    So, who’s running things, the government or the media?

  3. Slohand 4 months ago

    Never did get a chance to watch him so I guess I don’t know what I’ll be missing

  4. ANTHONY SUBLETT 4 months ago

    He’s nothing more than a lying racist they should have shut him down long ago. Some of the stuff he says is totally unbelievable!!!

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