Corrupt cop in Boston sentenced to 25 years in prison

Ex- Boston Police worker Wayne Earl Jenkins was sentenced to 25 years in prison after being found guilty on several criminal charges as the ring leader of a corrupt task force.


Ex- police sergeant Wayne Earl Jenkins was the ring leader of a corrupt gang of Boston police on the elite Gun Trace Task Force. The group was thwarted and members were arrested in March 2017.

Jenkins, who had been with the Baltimore Police Department since 2003, took over the Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF) in 2016. The organization was made up of eight officers, all but one of whom were indicted by federal prosecutors.

The gang was guilty of several offenses such as: robbing Baltimore citizens, reselling seized drugs (heroin, cocaine, prescription pills), and planting drugs on innocent people.

As the leader of this “task force,” Jenkins was charged with falsification of records, racketeering, and robbery.

Based on the plea agreement, he committed crimes such as robbery by detaining victims, raiding homes, conducting traffic stops and faking search warrants. He was also guilty for submitting phony incident and arrest reports to conceal his illegal activities.




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