Defunct Soundcloud rapper claims to be a clone

In an interview posted on VladTV’s Youtube channel Friday, a defunct Soundcloud rapper by the name of ‘Kid Buu’ claimed he is a clone.

The Sicilian and Puerto-Rican troll went so far to give his model number, “0112568.”

The first successful human clone was birthed in the early 2000’s. Which leads many people with common sense to the conclusion that this ‘Kid Buu’ is a joke.

While he may not be a clone in the literal sense, ‘Kid Buu’ is definitely the newest addition to a line-up of new aged rappers who are clones of each other. They all sport face-tats, colorful hair, are rather talentless, and appear to be AIDS wasting due to excessive drug use.

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  1. steven 2 months ago

    I don’t think he looks to be wasting away. Aside from the tattoos he looks healthy. I just wanna see someone ask him his model number and see if he can remember the same number.

  2. Anthony Sublett 2 months ago

    Clone huh yeah right🤔

  3. Patrick Hinnant 2 months ago

    Kid Buu has an interesting personality! Not only does he possess intellect above these other rappers, but he manages to remain cool in the process.

    • Anonymous 2 months ago

      Maybe you should look him up on YouTube

  4. Lay-Z 2 months ago

    This guy is just a piece of shit child abuser.

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