Devastation strikes Indonesia as locals endure two deadly earthquakes in a week

Tourists line up to be evacuated after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia.

Almost 100 people have been confirmed dead and tens of thousands of more left homeless after an earthquake struck Indonesia Sunday night. Many roads were destroyed and buildings collapsed as a result of the natural disaster. This was the second deadly quake in less than a week.

Now, residents are forced to seek refuge in makeshift tents as they wait for resolution on the tourist island of Lombok. In several districts over half the homes were severely damaged if not destroyed. Among the collapsed buildings was a mosque where several worshippers were during the tragic act of God.

Last week, July 29, an earthquake claimed the lives of over 15 people. This also caused structural damage, which eventually led to the failure and collapse of many buildings and homes during Sunday’s quake. According to Indonesian authorities the tremor was measured at a whopping magnitude 7.0

While the death toll so far sits at 98 people authorities warn the toll will definitely rise as rescuers have yet to help thousands of others. Some areas are inaccessible at this time due to collapsed bridges, destroyed road ways,  roads blocked with debris and loss of communication due to loss of power.


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  1. Andrew Finch 4 months ago

    Nature is unpredictable. Earthquakes is very dangerous. It is probaly the most dangerous and deadly natural disaster no one can prepare for. It not like a hurricane or tornado where you have time to leave and take cover.

  2. steven 4 months ago

    Don’t earthquakes cause tidal waves around Islands? How safe is that beach?

  3. ANTHONY SUBLETT 4 months ago

    When the Earth talks you have to listen. This makes all the senseless things we argue about mean nothing compared to this. And this can happen anywhere anytime and man can’t stop it. God Bless them all🙏🙏🙏

  4. […] 68,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in Sunday’s quake and 270,000 people are homeless or otherwise displaced. This toll will inevitably increase since […]

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