Diane Corns Oops! Podcast 5.19.19.: “Drop-Kicked”

  1. steven 6 months ago

    Drop kicking someone from behind will always produce the same results no matter how tough the victim is. It’s pointless. But if you charge from the front we get to see how the guy responds. That might have been interesting to see. Would Arnold have cowered an screamed like a girlie man? Would he have cooly sidestepped the attack? Would he have countered with a punch to the head? A karate chop? We’ll never know because this idiot did a sneak attack.

    • Diane Corns 6 months ago

      Good points Steven! Thanks for always staying involved and leaving comments. Xo Diane

  2. Dave Gott 6 months ago

    I would have pressed charges …. Arnold didn’t want to deal with the paperwork

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