Donald Trump flips the script back on GM… says congress should impose tariffs on car imports

President Donald Trump may not have time to reply to Drake disses but he had time Wednesday to respond to GM’s claims that his pending policies are to blame for the motor giant’s downsizing.

Monday the Detroit company announced it would be closing 5 plants in the next coming year. This move will leave over 14,000 people unemployed. GM claimed Trump’s trade deals with Canada and Mexico were leaving the company in limbo.

Trump fired back on Twitter Wednesday shifting the blame onto GM for not pushing congress to work to their benefit.

Does the commander-in chief have a point or is he deflecting from the fact that his trade agreements and policies might be a liability to key industry players?

Is Donald Trump right?

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Tuesday Trump expressed his disappointment in GM and he went so far to threaten to cut all government subsidies for the American auto maker if they don’t toughen up, figure out a plan, and make sure 14,000 people don’t REALLY lose their jobs next year.





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