Donald Trump leans toward easing US Marijuana Ban

Screenshot: High Times Donald Trump is inclined to legalize marijuana in the U.S. on a federal level.

President Donald Trump expressed that he is willing to work with congress to lift the ban on marijuana in the U.S. Friday. This is the result of a proposal laid on the table Thursday, which already has the support from congressional representatives from both parties.

The current federal law prohibits weed to the same extent as other substances like LSD, Heroin, and other opiates and narcotics which can kill people. Legal reform would significantly change things for marijuana users and distributors (businesses).

While some basic age restrictions would be implemented, the new legislation would allow each U.S. state to regulate the marijuana industry without risk of federal repercussions.

This motion does not guarantee legality on a local level. It is up to the discretion of voters in each state as to whether or not marijuana will be legal or prohibited.

As of now even if marijuana is legal on a state level, licensed businesses run the risk of being federally prosecuted. For instance, California launched the nation’s biggest marijuana marketplace at the beginning of 2018. However, it is technically a federal offense to distribute marijuana.

According to the Associated Press, with regards to the new bill to legalize marijuana on a federal level,  Trump said, “I support Senator Gardner. I know exactly what he’s doing,” …“We’re looking at it. But I probably will end up supporting that, yes.”



  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 3 months ago

    Ok make sure you also let out all the low level drugs dealers filling the jails and making prisons money. It’s only fair!!!

  2. Juan 2 months ago

    Si, vamos a hacerlo.

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