Dr. Boyce Watkins says Facebook corporation “are bullies”

Facebook Zoo, an anti-Facebook blogging site went live Tuesday.

The site is for publishers who have grievances about the new Facebook algorithm, which made monetization nearly impossible.

Economist, political analyst, and author, Dr. Boyce Watkins was one of the first users of the site. He has expressed his frustrations with the fact that he was making a quarter of a million dollars annually from Facebook before they switched up the game.

The site is pitching itself as a haven for small and midsize publishers who are looking to vent about Facebook algorithm changes that slashed their customer and ad bases earlier this year. His Facebook page for his Black Business School accumulated over 500,000 likes before it was suspended with no legitimate explanation.

Watkins told the New York Post, “They’re bullies… We could not even get anyone on the phone to find out why we were suspended.”

Dr. Boyce Watkins is one of millions of business owners and journalists who have been compromised by Facebook’s new inconsistent policies and new algorithm.

In early 2018, the change cost most publishers on Facebook nearly 60% of their engagement. Their social reach was inevitably slashed. This has also resulted in less site traffic for people.

Facebook claims the change was supposed to “increase the likelihood that people will find posts that they find meaningful on their timelines.” Interestingly enough the algorithm modification has no bearing on people who pay to promote their posts. In reality Facebook has sacrificed their loyal users for a money-grab.

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  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 3 months ago

    Constant problems for Facebook. I know Dr. Boyce Watkins will be on them that’s too much money to lose for no reason. Mark pockets are full🤔 Facebook needs to get its problems straighten out or they will be like the site they over took. What was that site call again🤔🤔🤔

    • Slohand 3 months ago

      You say, “too much money to lose for no reason” but Facebook is saying, too much money to pay if others will do the same for a fraction of the cost. Which has been the trend of most corporations lately.

  2. steven 3 months ago

    I thought youtube was the site that was demonetizing everyone. I didn’t know Facebook had creators like that.

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