Durban woman, @NikkiShangee says HIV is a “thing of the mind”… Twitter is not buying it

Social media is a breeding ground for “fake news” and alternative facts.”

Scroll on Twitter long enough and lies of the world get retweeted so much that they eventually are accepted as general truth. Generally that’s how things work but Twitter isn’t buying the lie Durban Socialite @NikkiShangee posted.

The South African woman, who refers to herself as “daughter of the rabbi” tweeted,

Luckily, in a place like South Africa, where HIV rates are running high, people generally know better. It is socially irresponsible and ignorant to suggest HIV is some sort of figment of the imagination. People in the Twitter universe did not go easy on the attention-seeking internet troll.

The sad part is, Nikki said all this on Twitter for her own entertainment.

It’s unclear which is the biggest reason for abuse of social media: boredom or attention seeking?

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