“ER” actress shot by police

Vanessa Marquez, an actress most widely known for her role on “ER”, was fatally shot by police officers Thursday when she pointed a BB gun out on them.

This unfortunate incident took place when the authorities were sent to Marquez’s home for a welfare check.

According to South Pasadena Police Department, officers thought she pulled out a semi-automatic hand gun.

According to a press release received by USA TODAY Friday, “When officers arrived around noon Thursday, they noticed the female was having seizures. While speaking to her, officers became aware she was possibly suffering from mental health issues, became uncooperative, and appeared to be unable to care for herself They continued to speak to her for over an hour and a half in an attempt to offer her medical care. She then armed herself with a handgun and pointed it at the officers, at which time an officer-involved shooting occurred”.

Marquez was taken to a nearby ER, where she was pronounced dead.

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  1. steven 3 months ago

    I would never ever call the Police to do a welfare check on anyone. For a welfare check you call trusted friends or family. You only call the Police when you need someone arrested or shot.

  2. Anthony Sublett 3 months ago

    They couldn’t do the bean bag shot like they did with a guy the other day that was really shooting at then with a real gun???? So sad I remember her from ER back in the day one of my favorite shows. May she rest in peace🙏🙏🙏

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