Family admires Iraqi informant who stopped almost 50 ISIS attacks

Captain Harith al-Sudani is remembered by his family as a hero after they learned about his secret life as a double-agent who stopped nearly 50 ISIS terror attacks.

Acting as a mole from Iraq’s Falcon Intelligence Cell, he worked his way to high ranks within the Islamic state and posed as a jihadi.

While his job was to transport bombs, Harith would not detonate them. Instead his team would disable the weapons and stage attacks and casualties. He even went so far to have police issue statements claiming people had died or were wounded as a result of the scheduled attacks.

For quite some time, ISIS leaders believed their attacks were successful.

In what would end up being his last mission the terrorist organization bugged Harith’s car. They heard his conversation with his team and decided to obliterate the informant.

The intelligence agency’s director, Abu Ali al-Basri, told The Daily Mail: “When Daesh [the Arabic name for IS] had some doubt about him, they provided him with a truck bomb. It was supposed to be blown up in a market area. Daesh planted a spying device in his car and they listened to his conversations.”

The hero was sent to a farmhouse in Baghdad never to be seen again.

His family did not know about his secret life until after he died.

The father of three is remembered by his father as someone who “saved the lives of many people.” He said, “Every operation was stopping the bloodshed of innocents.”

His 12-year-old son, Moamal, said: “We are very proud of him.”

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  1. Patrick Hinnant 4 months ago

    The amount terrorist attacks he stopped is astonishing. Captain Harith al-Sudani is a true inspiration! Sending my condolences to family.

  2. Anthony Sublett 4 months ago

    Wow that is awesome a true hero!!! This should be all over the news. May he rest in peace and thank you for all those you saved!!!!🙏🙏🙏

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