Female human rights activists facing death penalty in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, the power-hungry leader of Saudi Arabia wants women who fight for their rights to feel his wrath.

While he claims to be reforming certain social and economic aspects of the government, he is harshly punishing any and all dissenters. Anyone who challenges his authority is facing hard jail time and possibly death.

Women’s rights are scarce in Saudi Arabia. Several courageous women have sacrificed the little freedom they do have in lieu of seeking change to oppressive policies.

Saudi Arabian prosecutors are seeking the death sentence for five human rights activists, including a woman who is thought to be the first female campaigner facing execution, rights groups said.

Israa al-Ghomgham, a Shia activist arrested with her husband in 2015, will have a trial in the country’s terrorism tribunal although her charges pertain to peaceful protest. She has been held in custody since December of 2015 with no legal representation.

Al-Ghomgham, her husband and four others are facing the death penalty for: “participating in protests”, “chanting slogans hostile to the regime,” “attempting to inflame public opinion,” and “filming protests and publishing on social media.”

The trial is set to start on October 28th. This moment in history will show the world what a complete and total moronic, misogynistic, power-hungry pig Mohammed bin Salman is. The 32 year old is quite eager to make a point that the government will be influenced by ONLY him. Anyone who threatens his monarchy dictatorship will be punished severely.

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  1. Anthony Sublett 4 months ago

    The only way to beat these aholes is to protest and fight back. The difference between a moment and a movement is sacrifice. And they are sacrificing their life’s to fight against this ahole!!!!

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