Florida police officer compares marijuana to meth


Grady Judd, A Polk County, Fl police officer made a statement Tuesday comparing the criminality of marijuana to that of meth users.

Judd claims “marijuana is a gateway drug and meth users like to use marijuana to take the edge off the meth.”

In reality, there have been no documented instances of: meth-mouth, insomnia, hallucinations, or overdoses due to marijuana use. EVER.

While more conservative people have no knowledge about medicinal benefits of marijuana or the plant’s eco-friendly applications, it is not anywhere near as harmful as the legalized- when-prescribed opioid substances sold at pharmacies, the processed foods in grocery stores, cigarettes nor alcoholic beverages. Surely, marijuana is not and will never be in the same drug classification as meth.

Alcoholic beverages are more damaging to the human body, more addictive, are responsible for more road deaths, and more toxic than marijuana has proven to be. And are more likely to be closer in class to meth on the “addictiveness” scale.

Cigarettes and other tobacco products are highly addictive, are known to cause cancer, and are nearly useless in holistic health and and eco-friendly endeavors.

Yet and still, the marijuana industry receives jabs from people who are scarred by their interactions with crack, meth, and opioid junkies.

Officer Judd reminds everyone of someone in our family who is super judgmental when you “go to the corner store” before Christmas dinner.


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