FRAUD ALERT! Spotify cashes in on rapper’s death after removing his music for “me too” movement

Spotify has taken away the credibility of their claims to care about women’s rights after they tried to capitalize on a recently-removed (from Spotify)  rappers death.

20 year-old rapper XXXTentacion was killed in Deerfield Beach, FL outside a motorsports dealership Monday afternoon. The controversial rapper, who did jail time for abuse of a pregnant woman and false imprisonment, was a victim of an alleged drive-by shooting.

The rapper had his music removed from Spotify in early May 2018 due to the streaming service’s desperate attempt to pander to the modern day American feminist movement, also known as #METOO.

Upon his death Spotify has since taken advantage of this tragedy and reposted XXXTentacion’s music. This is all in a very desperate, shameful attempt to capitalize. This leaves many people to believe Spotify never cared about women’s rights or abuse of women. They simply opt to capitalize in any way, form, or fashion.

Many fans of the deceased rapper are disgusted by this inconsistency on the behalf of Spotify. They have vowed to stop using the streaming service.


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  1. shalamalu 6 months ago

    Thanks you for exposing these frauds. All they care about is making money. I believe it is time to boycott Spotify. We also need to stand against #MeToo movement for destroying rich black men on false claims or no evidence of sexual abuse or rape.

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