French President is down with the ex-convicts!

French President, Emmanuel Macron, was captured in a photograph with two young men in Saint-Martin. One of them was an ex-convict with his middle finger up.

A jealous far-right politician by the name of Marine Le Pen claims the image was “unforgivable.” Unfortunately for them, their outdate politics are probably why they are not leading France at this very moment!

Macron clapped back in the most dignified way, saying, “I love all of the [French] republic’s children, whatever their troubles”.

He went on to explain that the young man with his middle finger up had just gotten released from serving prison time. After having a motivational conversation with the young men, they posed for a photo.

President Macron definitely gained some cool points for not only taking the time to talk to the troubles youth, but also, not backing down from critics! He stands tall in his belief that people from all walks of life deserve human respect, acknowledgement, encouragement, and acceptance.




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  1. Anthony Sublett 2 months ago

    And he’s right they, skill people need to be treated equal and not shit on like most do to them!!!

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