Georgia sheriff marks sex offenders’ homes for Halloween

The Butts County sheriff’s office in Georgia has required registered sex-offenders to place “no trick-or-treat” signs outside their homes. This measure has been taken to protect the children in the community from over 50 offenders in the county.

Georgia law provides that sheriffs “shall inform the public of the presence of sexual offenders in each community.”

Sheriff Gary Long told WXIA-TV News, “There are some sex offenders that are not happy but I’m not in the business of making them happy. I’m in the business of keeping safe communities and making sure that our children are protected.”

  1. steven 2 weeks ago

    So if I’m too cheap and lazy and don’t want to be bothered with people ringing my doorbell all day I can just make a sign like that.

  2. Anthony Sublett 2 weeks ago

    They reap what they sow!!! Wow that is a good way to keep the kids away if you home😂😂😂

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