Going bonkers for the sauce!!! Woman assails McDonald’s worker because she wanted more ketchup!

Police in Santa Ana, California, say a bizarre assault took place around 11 p.m. on Oct. 27 when the drive-thru customer became the real-life Ham-burglar.  She entered the restaurant through an employee door and asked for the condiment. Video released by police shows the woman attack the manager after she was told she could not be in the building.

The footage shows other employees trying to help before a man, who police believe was with the suspect, ran into the restaurant and pulled the woman off the manager. The pair fled the scene.

Police are seeking the woman who pushed, punched and choked a McDonald’s manager because she wanted ketchup.

  1. Truce 4 weeks ago

    Yo Yo Whats been up!

  2. Anthony Sublett 4 weeks ago

    What is wrong with people!!!!🤔

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