Guess what this Florida Man did to his landlord when he asked for his rent money!

Police reports from Fort Lauderdale, Florida allege that a Florida man attacked his landlord when he was confronted about unpaid $500 rent.

While most Florida goons’ weapon of choice is a gun, this guy had something a little more crafty and sharp in mind.

48-year-old Jimme Lee Leeks assailed his 89-year-old landlord, Maurice Blanchar, with a machete and tried to kill him because “If you don’t have your rent money kill your landlord.” That totally makes sense, right?

Blanchar was renting his studio apartment in his back yard to Leeks. Last Wednesday Blanchar got tired of waiting for his money. It was over 20 days into November.  He decided he needed to talk to Leeks about it. That’s when things got violent. Blanchar sustained cuts to his head, arms, and leg. He was barely able to fight off his attacker with his cane.

Blanchar told Local10 News, “I have been through so many things in my life and one would think, enough is enough….For $500, you are going to kill a man, because he asked for his rent money? It doesn’t make sense.”

Lucky for Leeks he won’t have to worry about paying rent for a while. He will be in jail. The ex-convict was charged with aggravated battery against a person 65 years or older.


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