Here’s why Muhammad Ali is trending on Twitter

Screen Shot: GQ Muhammad Ali is trending on twitter after reckons he would give the super athlete a posthumous pardon for a 1967 conviction. The conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court in 1971.

Twitter users in the United States might notice  #MuhammadAli became a trending topic Friday. Some may wonder, “why is the now deceased athlete the topic of conversation on an ordinary Friday in June?”

It’s not his birthday, nor the anniversary of his passing. What could anyone be saying about Muhammad Ali as it pertains to current events?

President Donald Trump is considering nearly 3,000 people to pardon from their criminal convictions. Of all people on that list he is considering pardoning Muhammad Ali.

The boxing sensation was convicted of drafting evasion on June 20, 1967 when he refused army induction.  The philanthropist and activist refused to serve the country in the Vietnam War due to social injustices, especially against African American people.

Trump’s consideration comes as a surprise for several reason. The most obvious one is Muhammad Ali’s conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court as of 1971. A pardon would be useless and quite unnecessary.

It is also contradictory to Donald Trump’s blatant intolerance of people who are not “patriotic” or “don’t respect the  US veterans’ efforts to protect the United States of America.” This sudden idea to pardon Muhammad Ali from his convictions comes only days after he uninvited the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House because of his bitterness towards NFL players who kneel (silently protest to acknowledge social injustices) during the National Anthem.

Despite Trump’s antics, no members of the Philadelphia Eagles had ever taken a knee during the National Anthem. His excuse as to why they were uninvited to the White House meeting is based on unfounded accusations.

Earlier this week, Trump pardoned Alice Marie Johnson, a woman who was sentenced to life in prison as a first- time offender with drug charges. This was per the request of super- celebrity Kim Kardashian.

The lack of consistency in Trump’s actions and words leave many people questioning Trump’s true motives in everything he does. Does he sincerely care about the well-being of people in the prison system or is he using celebrity names to pander to the American people about social issues he doesn’t really care to remedy? Is Donald Trump the kind of person who gets excited over celebrity endorsements more than solving real issues?


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  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 3 months ago

    This story says is all!!! T- Rump is for himself and his family mostly himself. Pardon Marcus Garvin🤔

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