Homeless, armless painter accused in Miami stabbing

Jonathan Crenshaw, 46, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery for stabbing a tourist from Chicago in Miami Beach.

The armless and homeless man is widely known for painting pictures with his feet.

According to testimony from Crenshaw, he was laying down when a 22 year old male, Ceasar Coronado punched him in the head. He grabbed scissors with his feet and stabbed Coronado twice. Then he tucked the scissors in his waistband and walked away.


Coronado claims this isn’t true. He says he and his girlfriend stopped to ask for directions and Crenshaw jumped up and stabbed him.

Coronado was taken to a hospital for treatment and is in stable condition.

According to police records Crenshaw has a rap sheet of arrests dating back as far as 2008 for public intoxication, vandalism, and battery of police officers and other public servants.


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