Hurricane season is under way and Puerto Rico still needs help

Hurricane season started June 1st and Puerto Rico has yet to fully recover from the trauma of Hurricane Maria, which made landfall on in September 20, 2017.

The storm has resulted in over 5,000 deaths and caused the longest power outage in American history. Over 3 million people were left devastated without basic resources as Maria tore through the island, destroying homes and lives.

This power outage and lack of resources disabled health  professionals from facilitating proper care for patients. Hospitals were unable to carry out simple procedures to save lives which were not necessarily directly endangered by the hurricane itself. Certain people had worsening health conditions which were unable to be treated.

Now, almost a year later, hurricane season has come back around full circle and Puerto Rico is not rehabilitated. This leaves the U.S. province vulnerable and sensitive to any natural disasters which may occur.

Here are some ways to help alleviate Puerto Rico. 

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