“I’ll burn down TV station & kill staffer,” Man threatens

Another day, another wanna-be copycat killer. Not even a week after the hostile shooting at the Capital Gazette a man in North Carolina has threatened to burn down a TV station and kill general manager there.

Jason Eric Bewley has since been arrested since his indictment in April. According to the records from this federal case the 47 year old threatened to burn down the building of his home-town news station, KBTX, in Fort Worth, Tx,

He sent an e mail to the general manager of the station, Mike Wright, claiming he is a “dead man walking,.. and that he will split the Wright’s skull open.”

Subsequent to this threat, he verbally attacked another worker at the station. He made threats via telephone saying he would “come down there and rip their eyes out and skull f*ck them.”

Bewley also promised to “burn the f*cking  building to the ground.” He has allegedly been harassing the station for over 10 years. In 2008 he threw a cinder block through a window of the station and a news truck. He also has a history of calling in threats to rape and kill the staff. Sometimes he is known to call over 100 Tims back to back, reports say.

He has been charged for making threats through interstate communications. Bewley will be extradited to Texas Friday. There, he will appear in a federal court in Houston.



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