Iowa residents get antsy about “The Wall” Trump promised

Five of U.S. President Donald Trump's eight border wall prototypes are shown near completion along U.S. (Photo Cred CNBC)

Almost two years after Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration there are no signs of the “The Wall” he promised which was supposed to block out illegal immigrants.

It has been over a week since Iowa local, Molly Tibets, was found dead. She was murdered by an illegal. Now, Iowa residents are getting antsy about a way to keep unauthorized people out of the Unites States.

A Sioux City resident sent an emotional letter to the editor of the Sioux City Journal this week.

There is outrage in the community as many people begin to feel their safety is compromised since Trump has not done anything to initiate the building of the wall he promised during his 2016 campaign.

Wednesday, Mexico made the assertion it will not pay for a border wall under its new trade agreement with the United States – or under any other circumstances – despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s latest claim to the contrary.

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  1. Anthony Sublett 3 months ago

    Well they should have known he was lying when he said he would make Mexico pay for it, yeah right. Now you have to pay. The only way to keep other people out of the United States is to wipe this country off the face of the earth. With that being said start frog walking the CEO and business owners who hired them to jail and you will see a quick change. It may not stop all but most because they come to work. And be prepared to do the work they do also, because most of you wouldn’t want to do it for that crap pay they get for doing it also!!!!!💰

  2. steven 3 months ago

    This girls killer had already been in the United States for seven years. I thought Trump was a big builder and a wall would be a piece of cake for him to build. But now I don’t think we’re even going to get a fence.

  3. Sanchez 2 months ago

    Maybe a nice privet hedge. Would look nice.

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