iPhone XS does unwanted sorcery when using the front camera

Some new users of the iPhone XS complain that the front camera does smoothing to the skin and there’s no way to disable this feature.

According to reviews, consumers have said there is an automatic filter, much like ones found on Snapchat and Instagram, being applied to their selfies.

Users have complained that the skin smoothing looks unrealistic like some sort of bad photoshop job.

Apple has since reached out to several complainants. They claim to be working on this issue actively.’

According to 9to5mac.com Several suggest that the filter makes caucasian skin appear orange.

The “filter” looks so **** as well. It’s like really poor photoshopping by someone trying to “airbrush” with no clue about how to subtly touch up a photo. Hint: caucasian skins aren’t dayglo orange.

Mine almost makes me look like I’m a character from the sims.

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  1. Anthony Sublett 2 months ago

    They are be trumpized!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

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