It costs to be the best! New Jersey family hit with thousands in fines due to extravagant light display

The Apruzzi family of New Jersey has grown infamous for their extravagant Christmas displays over the past 15 years. It’s so elaborate that hundreds of tourists make a spectacle of it every year.

This year, however the family has been hit with some hefty tabs in lieu of the light show.

While the light show may look pretty in pictures, neighbors complain it “creates a chaos.”

The Old Bridge Mayor Owen Henry said safety is the city’s number one concern when it comes to this extravaganza. In the past the Apruzizs have lured in so much foot traffic with minimal street parking and accessibility for emergency responders.

In addition to the over $150,000 the Apruzzis have invested into their display, the city now expects them to cover a $3,000 fine every night they invite visitors. They will also be financially responsible for the police, shuttle services, and other incidentals. This year the man of the house, Mr. Apruzzi said, “I’m not doing it.”

Aside from moaning neighbors and greedy government officials, some residents actually enjoy the show. Neighbor, TJ Seals said,  the light display was a wonderful contribution to the community.

If the Apruzzi family goes through with the show and ignores the authorities and their fines, the neighbors will more than likely have to compensate Old Bridge County. To keep up tradition they  decided to pay out of pocket for the first couple light shows of the season. If the community would like to keep this up they’re encouraged to donate to the GoFundMe page they launched to assist with the financial monstrosities.

If the $75,000 doesn’t get raised the Appruzzi family plans to still go forward with the display this Saturday.

Sounds like they will make it the neighborhood’s financial problem after all.


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