Jacksonville doctor loses his job for molesting a 15 year old boy

Alexander Ralys, a 30-year old Florida man was caught in bed with a 15- year old boy. He was naked from the waist down.

Ralys was staying with the teen and other childhood family friends.

Ralys was a first-year resident at Orange Park Medical Center in Jacksonville, Fl. He has been charged with sexual battery. He was discovered sexually abusing the boy in his DeBary home at almost 2 am.

The witness claims Ralys was on top of the teen. Neither was wearing pants. The witness, who remains unidentified, says they then removed Ralys from the home and he was outside when Volusia county sheriffs arived.

The sex offender was taken to Volusian County Jail. He was held without bond. A judge eventually set his bond to $15,000 during his initial court appearance. As of Monday he was no longer in custody.

Needless to say, Ralys has been suspended from his job at the hospital in Orange Park.

  1. Slohand 4 months ago

    All the Doctors that do criminal things and lose their job just move and get hired somewhere else.

  2. ANTHONY SUBLETT 4 months ago

    That’s the same thing police do get fired and move to new town. But alot dont get fired😮

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