Keeping it “All (Queda) in the Family”: Osama bin Laden’s Son marries 9/11 hijacker’s daughter

Hazma bin Laden married the daughter of a 9/11 hijacker.

According to the UK’s Guardian, Osama bin Laden’s son has married a 9/11 hijacker’s daughter.

Hazma bin Laden is the 29 year old successor as the leader of al Qaeda, a network of Islamic extremists. He married the daughter of the man who hijacked American Airlines flight 11, which was crashed into one of the Twin Towers.

This marriage is a demonstration of young bin Laden’s allegiance to al Qaeda and his father’s will. Osama bin Laden was killed by US navy seals nearly eight years ago. His son Hazma’s devotion to avenge his death is alarming to the international community. He has urged the al Qaeda network to bring war to Washington, Paris, London, and Tel Aviv.

In January of 2017 Hazma was labeled as a global terrorist. He is a threat to society and anyone who communicates or interacts with him faces arrest.

Hazma’s half brother, Hassan al- Attas wants nothing to do with this situation. He wishes this conflict would subside. He says he does not want to relive another regime such as the one Osama bin Laden created. The rest of Hazma’s family lives in Saudi Arabia where they have been granted refugee status.

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  1. ANTHONY SUBLETT 4 months ago

    If he wants to follow in his father footsteps I’m sure America will be glad to help him and he will end up like his father!!! I have no tolerance for terrorist, they are cowards!!!!

  2. Rob Smith 4 months ago

    not cowards at all. They are more brave than anyone. How many men will lose thier life for their cause??

  3. Rob Smith 4 months ago

    They are more brave than most men.

  4. steven 4 months ago

    So does that make him Meathead?

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