Mac Miller posthumously gets DUI charge dropped

The Los Angeles Attorney’s office said they plan to drop Mac Miller’s DUI case Tuesday.

This news comes about 4 and a half days after he was discovered dead at his 11695 Valleycrest Dr, Residence in Studio City. His arraignment was scheduled for Tuesday.

In May the “Dang!” rapper was arrested when he hit a power pole in the San Fernando Valley area with his Mercedes G-Wagon. To add insult to injury he fled the scene of the accident which caused damage to city property and could have endangered other drivers.

In LA it is customary that when a defendant is deceased, they attorney’s office drops the charges and removes hearings from court calendars. They posthumously file motions to dismiss cases of dead people.

Malcom McCormick, more prominently known as Mac Miller was found dead around noon on Friday. He apparently suffered a cardiac arrest from a drug overdose. His cause of death has not yet been confirmed.

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  1. Anthony Sublett 2 months ago

    You have no choice but to dismiss the cases, just plain common sense!!!!😒

  2. steven 2 months ago

    Maybe they can still try the case, find him in contempt for not showing up and sue his estate.

    • Patrick Hinnant 2 months ago


    • Anonymous 2 months ago

      Dead people never show up for court.

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