Make this make sense: #SAPS decides to harass people on their way to work but couldn’t protect people from crime at #sasol?

In the video above, South African people can be seen being pulled out of Taxi  by South African Police Service (SAPS) while they’re on their way to work.

Allegedly, the Taxi was overcrowded, which is a safety hazard for the passengers. Some of the passengers were upset, as they just wanted to make it to work on time.

This video left the community of working-class south Africans discouraged. There seems to be a lack of reliable transport which will get people to work on time if they wait around for empty Taxis. The workers also face penalty and reprimands if they don’t show up late to work.

The SAPS have been under fire this week after they left some South African concert-goers vulnerable to attack after the Global Citizen Festival at FNB Stadium. The police made a public statement in which they dismissed all claims on social media pertaining to the pillage. They said “the only thing that counts as truth is police affidavits, not Twitter, ” where all the clues to help solve the crimes were posted.

The SAPS seems to be pissing off a lot of South African people. Although they were enforcing safety regulations, people who ride in taxis usually are some of South Africa’s hardest workers, who must provide for their families, and they make a way without the luxury of their own transportation. SAPS picked a fine day to suddenly want to enforce the law. Some South Africans are starting to wonder: are these guys in blue really just a bunch of cowards who fear real criminals? They somehow find it within themselves to not only to neglect people in need, but they go so far to harass vulnerable individuals as well.



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