Man Takes “Selfie” after train accident in Piacenza

Man takes a selfie in the midst of train accident in Piancenza

When a Canadian woman was hit by a train and seriously injured in northern Italy, the rescue services quickly came to her aid on the tracks.

But while they treated the victim, a young man captured the scene from the platform of the station in a selfie that provoked a widespread rage.

He himself was photographed by a news photographer who complained about “we have completely lost the sense of ethics”.

The police caught the young selfie and forced him to erase his photo.

The young Canadian trapped in the accident late last month was taken to the hospital and had her leg amputated.

The man in white shorts who took the selfie on a platform at the Piacenza station has been investigated and does not appear to have committed a crime.

But the image of him pointing his mobile phone in the dramatic rescue scene has appeared on many covers in Italy and attracted disbelief in social networks.

Corriere della Sera said she seemed to be making a “V for victory” sign with one hand while taking the shot with the other.

A comment in La Stampa spoke of a “cancer that corrodes the Internet”. The young man who took the selfie was not bad, argued Antonella Boralevi. Instead, he had deactivated his soul and personality and had become an “Internet automat”.

Radio presenter Nicola Savino told listeners that the human race was “galloping towards extinction.” A user on Twitter simply said: “Nothing surprises me more.”

Journalist Giorgio Lambri, who photographed the scene on May 26, wrote about his experience on Sunday for the newspaper Liberta de Piacenza under the headline: “The barbarism you do not expect: the ‘selfie’ in the face of a tragedy.”

He also posted his story on Facebook, suggesting an alternative title of “Houston, we have a problem,” due to the apparent lack of moral compass of man.

Mr. Lambri informed the railway authorities about what happened and the man was already identified.

What is not clear is how the girl was hit by a train in the first place.

According to reports at the time, the control system to close the train doors was defective and the woman could have fallen off the train by opening a door on the wrong side. However, there was also a suggestion that she might have been rushing to get on the train as she left the station.

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