Man who murdered 3 gay men in 1989 found dead in prison

Screen Shot: Daily News File Arnold Mulholland was found dead in his prison cell. He killed 3 gay men in 1989 in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia man who stabbed 3 gay men to death in City Center in 1989 was found dead in prison Friday

50 year old Arnold Mulholland was found unresponsive in his cell at 6:17 am at the State Correctional Institution-Mahanoy in Frackville, Schuylkill County. His cause of death was undisclosed.

Mulholland was working as a gay prostitute in city Center in 1989. Within a week, he had killed three man in their residences when they invited him inside. His victims, Alexander Munchweiler, Tracy Griffin, and David Johnson, were found dead in early June 1989. Later that month, Mulholland was caught because he tried to kill a fourth man, John Rowley, who escaped him by jumping from the second story of his apartment building.

The killer was sentenced to three life sentences.


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