New Jersey man sues police for shooting him in the leg during traffic stop


A man who was shot in the leg during a 2016 struggle with Haddon Township, NJ police officer Robert Mulhern is now suing from behind bars.

41-year-old Edmond Brown of Camden, NJ filed the lawsuit in federal court Friday. Brown stated he feels the shooting was a result of excessive force and his civil rights were violated during the October 29, 2016 traffic stop. He also said the Camden County Prosecutors’ investigation which ultimately exonerated the officer was a “sham.”

This is all happening while brown serves seven years in prison for resisting arrest and possession of an illegal firearm. During the traffic stop Brown tried to escape. When he put his foor on the gas he crashed into a parked car and whilst the officer was holding on to his vehicle.

There is much debate over the validity of Brown’s claims in comparison to the dash cam video taken by the police. It appears as though the police unintentionally shot him.

  1. Anthony Sublett 3 weeks ago

    Dumb move bro!!!!

  2. steven 3 weeks ago

    When you run from the police over a stupid traffic stop you’re shooting yourself in the leg. But if you must run, always have some kind of ID to give the officer first, then drive off when he’s walking back to his car to check the ID. Don’t drive off while he’s still hanging in your widow causing you to crash in 50 feet.

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